Welcome to Mordax!

Éiayaié a posted Sep 24, 11

Well, hello!  It's wonderful of you to drop by!  Come in, come in - have a seat.  As time goes on, this page will be changed according to the needs and wishes of the gamers and Guild members alike, and the limits of the hosting service.  In the meantime, be welcome.

Mordax the guild was started on March 3, 2011, as a place where people could enjoy playing the game of World of Warcraft in all its forms.  It achieved some measure of success during Cataclysm, but has suffered the same sleeping sickness which has afflicted many guilds since.  

However, that doesn't mean there cannot be an awakening at some point, so this site will remain here until such time as its owner also succumbs to a permanent sleep.

In the meantime, check us out and drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you.  

Have a good one!

Guild Master, Mordax
Azuremyst Realm - Alliance

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P.P.S. Guild activities show up on the calendar (left) as a gold number.  Click on it to see the event.